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Skills and Speed Training

Looking to sign your player up to skills training? Fill out the form below using the ability descriptions to decide their skill level. We ask this so we can ensure your player develops at training and is matched with the correct group.


    • Players who have an understanding of soccer but are just starting their journey.

    • We ask that they have basic soccer abilities and are able to kick and dribble with a ball.

    • Characteristically players from U6 - U9.


    • Players who have a year or more experience in a team.

    • They have sound soccer skills and shooting and are looking to develop to an academy level.

    • Typically players U8 and above.


    • Players who are in or are on the cusp of academy level.

    • Their fundamental skills and matchplay are advanced and are looking to develop into the professional game.

    • Typically players U8 and above.

    Skill Level

    Soccer Experience

    Which VSA location are you interested in attending?


    Days available to train

    *The administrator will respond to your submission within 24hrs.  If you        do not receive a response please check your junk mail.*