Volf Soccer Academy

An extraordinary team of Coaches, Leaders and Players connecting the world through soccer.

Our Belief

We are more than just a soccer academy - We provide young players with the tools to succeed, both on and off the soccer field.

Our Principles

  • Train like a winner and you will succeed at everything you do.
  • Small groups, and player focussed training, Always!
  • Dedication and discipline taught at a young age is the key to a successful career, be it in soccer or not.
  • No Skills, No play.

Our Story

VSA was founded in 2012. Our philosophy is centered around three important pillars: skills, speed and fun. As young players develop, these three key components must advance and accelerate hand-in-hand. Our training groups are small so that players receive as much instruction and hands-on experience as possible to maximize individual progress.

We have adopted the same training principles used in top-tier European clubs and academies—demonstration, trial and correction. In addition to this, we employ repetition so that skills are introduced and solidified in a short amount of time . We want to expose local Canadian players to the same training that is provided in Europe and which young players there excel at. We further individualize development according to players’ skills level and age.

 We currently have 500+ players training across three countries (ages 6-16). As part of our continued commitment we have introduced and accompanied several of our talented players from Canada and the Czech Republic to a number of the top football clubs in Germany (Borussia Dortmund, Werder Bremen and others) and continue to maintain strong relationships with professional clubs in Europe.


Skills & Ball Technique

Fakes, feints & spins. Finesse the fundamentals of the game elevate your game!


Speed, Footwork & Balance

Make sure you are the fittest and quickest on the field.


Family Fun, Shared Dreams

Create connections that will open doors and last a lifetime.

Meet the Family

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