Advanced Summer Camps

Co-Ed Players (Born 2007-2016)


Skills & Ball Technique

Fakes, feints & spins. Finesse the fundamentals of the game elevate your game!


Speed, Footwork & Balance

Make sure you are the fittest and quickest on the field.


One Family, Shared Dreams

Create connections that will open doors and last a lifetime. Professional skills training

About Advanced Summer Camp

We invite advanced serious soccer players, with the desire and determination to become exceptional players, to join us in our summer camps . Players will master ball control at a game-speed, build footworks skills while having fun.


Highlights include:


- One coach for each 10 players

- Technical Skill Development

- Fun and educational activities each day

- Speed and Agility Training

- Game Intelligence

- Flexibility and Balance

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"My 6 year old son absolutely loves soccer and much of that comes from the way in which he was introduced to organized soccer at Volf Soccer Academy. The great thing about Libor’s approach to working with kids is that he focuses on the fundamentals of the game and yet does it in such a way where kids have fun, love to practice, and want to continually get better. Learning soccer the right way, helping to build confidence in kids, all while having fun playing a great game is what I see each and every time my son goes to practice. Thanks Libor – keep up the good work!"


"My son James has been with Libor for several months now. What I have noticed is James increased confidence and skill with handling the soccer ball plus improved aerobic fitness. James loves going to Libor’s lessons as he is always challenged to do better and not give up. Libor’s skills and expertise have allowed James to improve in a short time. Libor has skills as a soccer coach I have not seen before and because of his talent and skills I have no hesitation in recommending him to any one who wants their child to feel more confident no matter what level of soccer they may play.
I feel lucky to have discovered The Volf Soccer Academy for my son and I look forward to watching my son’s skills develop as he continues with the Volf Soccer Academy."


"Libor has worked with both our daughter and our son for the past couple of years. He has accelerated their skills to a level unimaginable from whence they started. More importantly though, his enthusiasm and love for the game has been infectious , ensuring that they will both be playing the game for years to come."


2024 Co-Ed Advanced Summer Camp Registration Form




    2901 E Hastings St

    Vancouver, BC V5K 5J1


    • Soccer gear (shin pads, cleats, rain jacket, running shoes)

    • Water & Snacks

    • Additional clothing for bad weather (rain)

    • Medication if necessary

    Date Selection

    Places will be offered on a first come first serve basis

    All fees include GST

    VSA does not allow players to attend the weekly summer camps consecutively per day (9:00-10:30am and 10:30-12:00pm).


    $280 CAD

    Player Information


    Player Birthdate

    Parent/Guardian Information

    Emergency Contact other than Parent/Guardian

    Important Payment Information

    Payments are required immediately upon registration to secure a spot. Any payments received after registration will be accepted based on space availability. Received registration forms that are unpaid after 7 days will be cancelled.

    We only accept E-Transfer. All correspondence, including payments, should be sent to

    Mandatory Waiver and Terms & Conditions

    Please download, print, and sign the following waivers and bring to the first day of camp.
    Youth Waiver and Code of Conduct

    Please read the terms and conditions in their entirety and check the box below when done.
    Terms and Conditions