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VSA Uganda is a dynamic collaboration between Volf Soccer Academy and The Bavubuka Foundation that provides unprecedented training for young players and coaches in Uganda.

VSA founder Libor Volf brings specialized skills training and elite networks from the international soccer community and The Bavubuka Foundation provides access to well-developed, stable platforms within Uganda’s sports community. The main goal is to provide the young players of Uganda with equal access to the opportunities available in North America and Europe – developing skills and encouraging teamwork, friendship, love for soccer, chasing their dreams, and inspiring them to follow their passion. Volf Soccer Academy Uganda provides continual weekly training to its sixty members as well as intensive training for their coaches on a bi-annual basis. VSA is set to be an invaluable contributor to the development of a generation of highly skilled football players who are able to contend on the most competitive professional football platforms world-wide.

Contact – coach Peter Serrumaga

 tel. +256 785 068409


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