My 6 year old son absolutely loves soccer and much of that comes from the way in which he was introduced to organized soccer at Volf Soccer Academy. The great thing about Libor’s approach to working with kids is that he focuses on the fundamentals of the game and yet does it in such a way where kids have fun, love to practice, and want to continually get better. Learning soccer the right way, helping to build confidence in kids, all while having fun playing a great game is what I see each and every time my son goes to practice.

Thanks Libor – keep up the good work!

Melvin J. Rojas
My son James has been with Libor for several months now. What I have noticed is James increased confidence and skill with handling the soccer ball plus improved aerobic fitness. James loves going to Libor’s lessons as he is always challenged to do better and not give up. Libor’s skills and expertise have allowed James to improve in a short time. Libor has skills as a soccer coach I have not seen before and because of his talent and skills I have no hesitation in recommending him to any one who wants their child to feel more confident no matter what level of soccer they may play.

I feel lucky to have discovered The Volf Soccer Academy for my son and I look forward to watching my son’s skills develop as he continues with the Volf Soccer Academy.

Evie Lastovicka
Libor has worked with both our daughter and our son for the past couple of years. He has accelerated their skills to a level unimaginable from whence they started. More importantly though, his enthusiasm and love for the game has been infectious , ensuring that they will both be playing the game for years to come.
Brian Hill
Our son started with Volf Academy this past summer 2013. In only one month his skill level and abilities improved immensely! More importantly, he developed a great respect and admiration for coach Libor.
Libor is a great role model for the kids. He not only teaches the skills needed, but also boosts their self-esteem, respect, and passion for the game. My son looks forward to seeing Libor, and playing soccer, every week!
Since starting your academy last September I have noticed a difference in my son’s attitude, self esteem, and confidence. I believe and have seen first hand, your passion, dedication and true love of the game transcends down to these little guys. Your enthusiasm coupled with discipline is a testament to your teaching skills and relating to children at all levels. You truly have a gift with these kids.

With much appreciation,

Jill C
(mom to a Champion!!!)

Jill Carter
My son Karl-Jackson has had the privilege of being in the Volf soccer academy for six months now. We drive over from West Vancouver because of Libor, a truly unique coach and role model. Libor has an innate ability to connect and motivate his “champions” . The skills training that he does instills discipline and listening while still being engaging and so much fun. That ability is truly unique to Libor and the Volf Academy. I just can’t say enough!
Leanne D. Chan
Libor is a special person who is able, capable and willing to teach, share and help the kids grow as both persons and footballers.The kids feed off of his love for the game and the positive energy which he always brings to the field. During this process, the kids stay fully engaged in their “play” while receiving much needed support & technical guidance in a truly positive & nurturing manner from Libor. Kids that play at any levels and ages can benefit from training with Libor. In this environment, which Libor has created, children can grow their skills and appetite for the game; moving forward with increasing confidence & support in trying out new things. From the measures of smiles alone, you will receive more than what would normally be expected in any similar training environment!!
Ron Budisa
On June 1, 2012, my son who is 13 joined the Volf Soccer Academy. My goal was to achieve a higher level of health and experience in a one to one application. I have been very excited and surprised at the growth of skills and level of his athletic abilities over the last 10 months. My son has become quite a good soccer player. In addition he really looks forward each week to attend. The player/coach relationship is unique and has allowed him to reach a level of self respect and security that sometimes is harder to achieve in large groups. I would highly recommend this academy to any player who is willing to work and play hard and of course have fun as well. The results are truly excellent.
Charmaine von Possel
Both my boys love soccer training with Libor. They have a ton of fun and have improved their soccer game tremendously. He’s a fantastic coach and has a real affinity and love for the game. He’s also able to bring out the best in each child.
The players are engaged in a very high level of activity, from start to finish. Libor has this unique ability to make practice both serious and fun at the same time. He takes the time to develop rapport with each and every player. What we see in this academy, relative to other academies our son has participated in, are very purposeful drills and activities that have real applications and a high degree of transfer to games.
Practicing with Coach Libor is the most fun, we learn all types of new tricks and different soccer skills like; juggling, dribbling, and many more. Coach Libor always makes us laugh and I really enjoy coming to his practices.
Talia mcSweeney
Coach Libor has done wonders for my 2 boys, Mateo (10yrs) and Marcos 7(yrs). He is a great role model and leads by example. After joining Volf Soccer Academy, my kids have become more confident. Aside from teaching them great soccer skills, he’s taught them how to excel in everything they do and to finish what you start.I always tell the other parents that I don’t care if Libor decides to teach cooking or anything else, I would still sign my kids up.
Alfredo Chu
Libor pushes the kids hard, but they train with smiles on their faces. The kids sense immediately that they’re learning from someone who’s trained and played at the highest level, and they respond with energy and enthusiasm.
Troy Topnik
Looking for an opportunity within the Vancouver Downtown area to satisfy my 10 year old son’s desire to play soccer we stumbled across the Volf Soccer Academy. Quickly discovered at VSA thru the universal language of sports not just quality soccer players are formed but quality human beings. I have been amazed how thru the VSA one on one, small group, and mentoring coaching system my son’s soccer skills have greatly developed learning true sportsmanship and love for this great game.
Jorge Perez
Personable, highly skilled, passionate, generous (definitely not a “barbie”), are just a few words to describe Libor. We’ve been with the VSA for 16 months and Libor’s coaching, has inspired my 10yo son, to have tremendous confidence in the game he loves. Libor, we appreciate the incredible value you’ve added to our lives. Keep up the good work. A Champion developing Champions!!
Andre VanGraan
My son and I travel weekly from North Vancouver to train with Libor and his academy. His passion for kids and Soccer is contagious. He is technically gifted and knows how to uplift, motivate and push the kids.I feel lucky to find someone of his ability to work with my kid. I think if you come and see how he trains the kids and their response to him you would not be disappointed.
Petr Vokoun
Libor creates a professional training environment that is challenging and fun for his young champions. Being a high level player himself, he actively demonstrates and participates with his group.
Libor’s camps have been instrumental in getting Daniel to a new level in the development of his soccer skills.
He enjoys Libor’s camps immensely and clearly learns a wide array of ball skills as well as new physical and mental approaches that will help him to excel at the game.
James Milne
Our son Filip joined Libor’s classes since many of his friend were there already. I have heard some good words about Libor’s coaching skills, but what we and Filip have experienced was beyond expectations. Libor not only knows football skills, he knows even better how to transfer them to the young talents and make them having lots of fun along the way.

Although busy, he often finds time to join kid’s birthday, like Filip’s last summer, which made Filip and his friends really excited. We are really happy that we have found such a great environment for our son’s sport development and in our very own neighbourhood!

I would like to share my experience with everyone about my experience with Libor as a soccer coach for my son. I can say that Jaiden’s skills have improved tremendous through his coaching and what is even more important is that Jaiden’s love for the sport has increased. Libor is very passionate about soccer and this comes through to the kids. Libor loves kids and is one of the best adults I have seen with handling a group of kids. I would highly recommend him.
Our son Ronan is a good athlete and brings speed, agility and tenacity to any sport he plays but it is with Libor that he is becoming a good soccer player. Libor’s professional playing and technical experience in Europe coupled with his boundless energy and positive teaching philosophy has helped Ronan play and ‘think’ the game at a high level for someone so young. But most importantly Ronan likes and respects Libor and looks forward to all his training sessions.
Karan Samra and Anne Fouron
Libor Volf has a real talent in keeping the kids focused and motivates them to play their best soccer. He pushes them to their full potential while keeping things fun. The fast paced program keeps the kids engaged while learning many skills that I haven’t seen at other schools. My son definitely would recommend as would I.
Alicia Todhunter
Soccer is my passion and training with you has taken my skills to the next level. You are an energetic and encouraging coach, who really understands his players and aims to develop them to their greatest potential. I like how your training sessions allow me to work on different aspects of the game by breaking down each skill into basic elements to produce perfection. Your unique coaching style pushes me to do my best and I always look forward to the next session. Thank you for believing in me.