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When Libor was five years old his father introduced him to soccer, and it very quickly became his life’s passion, pursuit and closest friend thereafter.

He would train for hours non-stop daily, and at fourteen, was chosen to play for one of the best Czech youth teams (SK Sigma Olomouc) where he trained with the best coaches. One year later his team was crowned champion of the Czech Republic.

Following on that success, Libor’s love for the game, ambition, inner desire and motivation allowed him to become one of the best players on the eighteen-man squad comprising the Czech International team. He played for the team three years between 2004 – 2006, and represented his nation in over sixty international matches.

He then spent the next three years of his professional career in Spain where not only did he begin training and developing youth, but he also began to focus his efforts and energy into the investigation of mental health development related to sports.

The most valuable experience that Libor took away from his professional playing career, apart from the opportunity to travel and learn new training techniques, was understanding and applying the vital importance of structured development from the earliest stages of childhood, and to continuously build upon that base.

One of the key differentiators of Libor’s training and development philosophy, as he applies it to his academy, is that as the sport has evolved over the years, and continues to do so, it requires adjusting to those changes, embracing new techniques and trends, and introducing them into practice with his students. As such, Libor travels regularly to visit top-tier European soccer clubs, where he stays connected with emerging and current training practices, and maintain his network of professional contacts in the sport. This allows him to bring the best of professional soccer practices to Vancouver and his academy.

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