Uganda Revisited

//Uganda Revisited

Uganda Revisited

Six months after opening Volf Soccer in Uganda, our first outpost in Africa, I returned to Kampala, the country’s capital, in June. Immediately after arrival, I met with the local VSA trainers who gave me a report on their efforts over the last year. On Day 2, I was on the pitch directing a 3-day camp with children. It was fantastic to see them again and we all had a great time. I have seen big improvement and all the kids made me feel happy and proud of them.

I also met with the participants’ parents, where many shared their firsthand feelings about the hugely positive influence our program continues to have on their children’s lives. I was deeply touched and must admit that I was close to tears when I heard their stories. When I relived it a second time that evening on the way back to the hotel, I felt extremely happy and satisfied.

Together with current and new sponsors, and the dedicated locals who are part of the program, we will be able to improve and further develop this great program in Kampala.

I’m already looking forward to the next visit this coming December.

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