Eryk in Werder Bremen

//Eryk in Werder Bremen

Eryk in Werder Bremen

Part of the bigger picture here at Volf Soccer is spotting and mentoring young local talent for prospective future development abroad in Europe. Recent case in point is local Eryk Kobza (2001), a smart, creative player with strong technically ability, who loves the game and works hard.  He currently plays in the Whitecaps Pre- Residency program.

During the summer 2015 break when he went to Poland visit family, Volf Soccer brought him to Bremen, Germany for one a week try-out with the Werder Bremen youth squads.  That country’s main focus is on youth now, with Bundesliga clubs spending a total £85m (C$169m at current exchange rates) a year on their academies, all of which are independently inspected, tested and rated by the Deutscher Fußball-Bund e.V., or DFB (German Football Federation ). The very best of those initial youth academy graduates from years back are now world champions.

Eryk attended five training sessions with different groups and enjoyed every minute on the field. He did very well and realized he can match up with the top-tier crop of young players in Europe. It was a great experience for him, and we feel it won’t be his first and last contact with European soccer. We’re really proud of him and wish him all the best, so keep up the great work Eryk and never stop getting better!

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